Enyaq Coupe

Enyaq Coupe


Positively charged


The Skoda Enyaq Coupé – electric inside, sporty everywhere.

The unmistakable coupé aesthetic is underlined by the rear sloping roof that shapes the car’s dynamic posture. But its sleek form doesn’t betray function as the Enyaq Coupé still scores high on technology, space, practicality, and comfort.

Fully electric at heart, the instant acceleration complements the sporty styling while minimising your environmental footprint. State-of-the-art connectivity services and assistance systems make sure you are looked after while you’re looking good.

Different by design

The Enyaq Coupé is a perfect example of the Škoda design language’s thoughtful evolution. New solutions are coming to the fore while preserving our brand values.

The design is perfectly harmonised with space and simply clever ideas. With its sporty body style and specific wheel design, the car excels in terms of aerodynamics, which means less energy consumption and an extended range.

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Enyaq coupe 85 edition


FROM   £46,440

​Introducing the Škoda Enyaq Coupé 85 Edition. 
The model's exterior design doesn’t simply bring
more emotion and elegance to the Škoda family
– it brings edge.

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Enyaq Coupe Sportline red


FROM £50,305

The Enyaq Coupé 85x SportLine Plus has been
created to appeal to drivers who like the dynamic
look of Škoda’s performance models, with the
added confidence of four-wheel drive.

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Enyaq coupe vRS


FROM £54,820

The first ever all-electric Škoda vRS. Delivering as
much as 340 PS and a maximum torque of 460 Nm,
the all-wheel drive Enyaq Coupé vRS delivers exceptional acceleration and sheer exhilaration.

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Dynamic signature

With its distinctive lines and sharp edges, the Enyaq Coupé looks dynamic even before it starts moving. This is also supported by the dynamically shaped rear lights penetrated deep into the wings. The top-end option comes with full LED rear lights decorated with crystalline elements and fitted with animated turn indicators. The full LED rear lights also feature the animation function (coming home and leaving home), which is activated when the doors are opened or closed. 

Remote air conditioning

Your Enyaq Coupé, your way. That’s the beauty of remote air con, which lets you schedule the car to be air conditioned at a specific time, so you’ll always head off in absolute comfort.

Shining light

This front grille features 130 LEDs and creates a dazzling strip between the headlights. The resulting Crystal Face turns on when the headlights are activated and powerfully illuminates the road ahead along with the dipped beam lights. In a car packed with eye-catching design features, few command more attention.

The buying process for Škoda electric vehicles has changed

We are making some changes to give you confidence that the price you see on our website for our range of electric vehicles, is the same as the invoice price you pay at your chosen Škoda Retailer, wherever you are in the UK. All our electric vehicles will now be sold directly by us, Škoda UK, via Škoda Retailers (who will be acting on our behalf as our Agents when processing electric vehicle orders).

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