Minutes from car production:
installing the windscreen

See how Škoda cars are made, step by step. The Škoda Kodiaq receives its front and rear windscreens at a fairly early stage of the production process. Watch how quickly they’re fitted in the next episode of our Minutes from Car Production series.

While the car’s interior is getting its upholstered panelling installed (it wouldn’t be possible to get the headliner in at any later stage), workers are fitting the front and rear windscreens. This next step on the Kodiaq production line is surprisingly fast, with the glass being glued onto the prepared bodywork and skilled workers finishing the job in the blink of an eye. The main thing they have to keep an eye on is the width of the joint, which is done with a simple calibration tool. Installing the rear windscreen is quicker, as the part is slightly smaller and lighter.

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